backgroundholder said: This can either be posted or not mostly just for a hopeful acknowledgement on your behalf. Although I like the idea of this blog and it may be relatable for many people, please do realize anyone who is over 5' should not be complaining about being short. And yes I speak for myself, I am almost 20 and am 4'8". Again nothing against what you are doing, I just hope you take into account that there truly are people who would love to even reach 5'.

i am sorry if i have offended you or anyone else in any way, i created this blog for shits and giggles and only that. I guess nobody can ever complain about anything because someone might wish they had even the most little amount of the thing which you are not happy about.

For everybody and especially the last anonymous! You are all SUPER beautiful in your little bodies! :)
Dealing with this right now, he even plays basketball and he’s like 2 m tall.

Hey! Greetings from me! Thank you for being so lovely even though i don’t post a lot. I really do love you guys!
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tumblerellathefirst-deactivated said: you are my hero. never delete this blog. ever.♥

Aww. You are too sweet! COME HERE AND LET ME LOVE YOU!

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Anonymous said: how tall/short are you?i'm a 15 years old girl,and 4'11'' :( smaller than you right?

omg yes you are short :D But short is cute :) I’m 160 cm :)

Help me out girls! :)

I am totally out of ideas :( So if anyone has something to submit it’d be lovely! 

- Getter xoxo